Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve two main functions: to make your yard more attractive and to give you the ability to level-off sloping areas of your yard. In New Hampshire, with its rolls and hills, landscaping allows us to maximize the usable space of our yards.


The key to building a long-lasting structure is proper preparation. If wall installation is not done up to a certain standard, you may encounter drainage issues and erosion in the near future. We use top-quality workmanship and never cut corners to ensure our landscaping structures are safe and sturdy for many years to come.

  • All walls are constructed on a 6-inch crushed-stone base gravel.
  • All walls have a filter-fabric wrap on the inside face to prevent soil erosion.
  • If wall height exceeds 24 inches, the wall is battered back (setback) to account for soil pressure.
  • If wall height exceeds 24 inches, a washed-stone backfill is added to relieve water pressure.
  • For walls over 4 feet, drainage and engineered systems may be needed to handle varying degrees of hydraulic pressure.


A wide array of brick colors and styles is available to suit all homes and personal tastes. A landscaping specialist will work with you to design the retaining wall that’s perfect for your yard.

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