Want to create an area where you can gather outside with friends and family? A patio gives permanent structure to the outdoors and offers your guests a place to come together and socialize.


When building a hardscape, planning is at the forefront. Prior to any installation, we carefully examine the land to determine what kind of structure is needed and how the patio will be laid out. Aesthetics are chosen only after we’ve figured out the functional aspects of the patio.

  • Land is excavated to a minimum depth of 6-8 inches below the final intended grade.
  • A sub-base is formed with 4-6 inches of crusher-run gravel that is packed-down with a vibrating compactor.
  • Screeds or forms are set up to temporarily reflect the layout and pitch of the patio.
  • A 1-inch layer of stone dust is then leveled-over the screeds to become the bedding for the patio bricks or pavers to be laid.
  • After installation, our landscaping team can perform the routine after-care needed to keep your patio in like-new condition.


We build patios with either bricks or pavers. Both brick and paver patios can be done with a variety of colors and styles that you and your landscaping specialist will choose.

Fire pits and grills can be built into patios to create the ultimate entertaining area.

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