Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to common landscaping questions.

Can’t I do this stuff myself?

Yes, but you can do anything yourself if you’re willing to invest the time, energy, and effort it takes to accomplish. When you hire professional landscapers, you get years of experience, priceless knowledge, hassle-free installation, and top-quality workmanship (at least from us you do).

How soon can we start my project and how long does it take?

Once we determine the master plan, installation begins rather quickly. For most projects, we begin within a couple days after signing the contract. Depending on what we are installing, installation takes anywhere from a day to about a month. Before starting the project, we will provide a realistic completion date, however variables such as weather and other suppliers may influence this date.

What months do you operate and install?

New Hampshire’s winters may be bothersome, but they do not stop us from doing our job. Most installations can be done at any time of year.

Do I need to hire a landscape designer?

Landscape designers are not required for every project. If you already know what you want and where you want it, our landscape specialist will tweak your idea to make it work but a full-fledged designer will not need to be brought on.

How much do your services cost?

Our focus is on delivering top-quality workmanship, so our prices are not the cheapest around. While we aren’t the cheapest, we price all projects competitively. You may be able to save a little upfront by going with a cheaper landscaping company, but in the long-term you will lose out. If spending a little more upfront means you get years more out of your investment, you’ll be getting more value by going with quality over price.

If we decide on a price before beginning the project, is there any possibility that price changes during the project?

All quotes accurately reflect the final cost of the project. The only way the price will change is if the scope of work changes.

Are you going to maintain my yard after installation?

You are not obligated to have a maintenance contract with us and they are not included with installation. If you would like assistance maintaining your landscaping features and yard, we can build a custom service contract that fits your needs.

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